Guide to the Cathedral of Granada

Salmerón Escobar, Pedro

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The constructions and objects discussed in this book are some of the most complete, beautiful expressions of Christian life and the Christian faith at a specific point in their history, namely, during early European modernity. Over the centuries, and as the fruit of the experience of God’s loving and merciful embrace, experienced in Jesus Christ, Christians have developed an entire world of symbols, which are used in various ways in churches and in Christian art in general. This cathedral, and the works inside it, whether paintings, sculptures, goldwork, or liturgical books, also belong to this world of symbols.

This guide is designed to serve as an aid to visitors to the Cathedral of Granada and to anyone who wishes to learn about it. This book offers in its pages a tour of of the most important periods in the cathedral’s development, explains the important aspects of the origin and establishment of the cathedral in a constantly evolving and changing urban environment, allows us to follow the formation of the cathedral complex and the rationale behind its establishment, as well as on the principal architectural and artistic contributions, lets us walk through the perimeter chapels and singular spaces. Throughout of the text, the reader discovers details and curiosities that enrich the reading and provides significant data or interesting little-known aspects about the cathedral.

The Guide to the Cathedral of Granada is lightweight and presents numerous plans, graphics, engravings, drawings and color photographs, which allow to illustrate and clarify the most unique aspects of the cathedral temple. These images are a notable novelty and are intended to delight readers with their details and wonders.


Number of pages: 96 | Measures: 170 x 240 mm | Lenguage: English
Binding: rustic | Weight: 340 gr | ISBN 13: 978-84-945921-6-4
Original title: Guía de la Catedral de Granada
Translation: Laura Virginia Kiernan
Authors: Pedro Salmerón Escobar, Diego Garzón Osuna, Rosa María Pérez de la Torre
Publication´s year: 2017